Center for Tribal Nations Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee’s purpose is to represent the many interests, perspectives, and expertise held by Native stakeholders in the region, including Tribal Nations, Tribal and Inter-Tribal organizations and businesses, and constituent groups (e.g. Native veterans, elders, etc.), in the development and planning process for development of the OMSI district. Many advisory committee members also occupy formal or informal leadership roles within the Native community (e.g. as spiritual leaders, cultural teachers, Native non-profit organization board members, etc.). Most advisory committee members represent multiple constituencies.

Fostering Indigenous Prosperity: Igniting Success for Native Entrepreneurs

The greater Portland region is home to over 89,000 American Indians and Alaska Natives, representing more than 380 tribal affiliations. In addition, more than 20 tribal, intertribal, and urban Native organizations operate in the Greater Portland area to provide local, regional, and national tribal-related services and programs in salmon restoration, health care, tribal business development, education, environmental protection, child welfare, and family and youth services. To honor the community and incorporate their voices into the vision and design of the Center for Tribal Nations, an Indigenous leadership group representing the grant partners managed a unique, inclusive community engagement process.  The process consisted of monthly listening sessions where Native community and project partner participants gathered to share the preliminary vision of the CTN and discuss the perspective and experiences of the Native communities being represented. The resulting listening and conversations have allowed the Native American and Alaska Native community to define their needs, express their vision, and recommend a facility that will have meaning for them.